1. How do we get started if I want to develop a fishing rod series with you?
Answer: You need to have an idea on the type of rod you want to develop, such as rod type, length, action, modulus, components you would like to you, and the price point you would like to retail for. Best if you have an existing rod that you would want us to follow in its action. We will take it from there. This applies to any products you would like us to develop, not just fishing rods.

2. Who makes my products?
Answer: We only work with the best factories. For example, the rod factory we work with is the only ISO-9001 certified factory in Asia. This is an international certification that is very difficult to achieve. The quality speaks for itself.


3. What is the typical PO turn-around time?
Answer: 90-120 days depending on the specifications and materials used on the product.

4. What is the minimum order quantity?
Answer: At least 100 PCs/model depending on the product, some may have higher minimum due to
the factory's demand.

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